Make Gratefulness a Way of Life!
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Now you can easily incorporate a habit of gratefulness
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100 Daily Blessings
Snapshots of Gratefulness

by Aliya Saige

Copyright © 2010

Learn the power of a grateful attitude and why successful people have always understood and implemented such prayers in their lives. This unique and practical little ebook will teach you techniques to trigger thoughts of thankfulness throughout your day. It also includes a searchable, bookmarked list of 100 things to be grateful for. . . just in case you run out of ideas. The one-line prayer snapshots are general enough that people of all faiths can customize them for their own, specific situation. Use your own perferred name for God. Fill in the details of your particular situation. String them together for a full-length prayer. Only your heart can make the prayer powerful in your life. This amazing little book is yours to download right now for only $4.76. The price is low because we believe everyone should have one! Get yours today and we'll send you the download link. Then be sure to tell others that you found it HERE, on!

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